Sunday, September 22, 2013

Baby Boomer What?

Have you seen the retro stuff coming down the runways? I saw women wearing dresses that reminded me of the early 60's before the Hippy Invasion. Lots of colors and then some of the flower power fabrics from the Hippy Invasion. Some of those things, I shouldn't have worn in the 60's, and definitely not now. I love looking at all the Retro stuff on Pinterest, but I am not sure I could carry off the clothes I wore back then. Years after I was married the first time, I found an cocktail dress in a box in the attic that I had worn when we were in Okinawa in the early 70's. Not only was it cut low, the skirt was way too short. I ended up using it as a top over a turtle neck and with black pants on.

I have been watching some old shows. I have always loved Sitcoms, but they have gotten so trashy lately. They talk about sex and use filthy language. You cannot even watch one anymore if you have children in the house. Even the ones that you would think would be nicer, are really raunchy sometimes. So, I figure that I would go back and watch shows made in the 60s 70s, or 80s.

The really funny thing is, the shows that are really the best on TV are the crime shows. I love Criminal Minds. I wouldn't have known what a sociopath was if  I hadn't watched it. The cast on CM portrays a very professional environment. There is no profanity, and sex is minimized. I have learned a lot about the body from watching the CSI shows. Do you know what an epithelial is? I do. It is amazing what you can learn on those shows.

I love "Dancing With The Stars" and "America's Got Talent." They remind me of the "Ed Sullivan Show" on Sunday evenings when I was a little girl. I loved that show. I loved Liberace too. My uncle bought me a grand piano that was about 3 ft. tall and I used to "play" it along with Liberace. On Saturdays, there was "Gunsmoke." We never missed that one, James Arness was a hunk. The"Andy Griffith

Show" was a real favorite too. Everyone loved Andy, but Barney Fife was so funny, and got in such trouble. Andy's TV son was Opie, (Ron Howard) who turned out to be one of the greatest directors that ever came out of Hollywood.

Oh, and how could I forget Dick Clark and American Bandstand. That is the show where we received all our dancing lessons and fashion advice. We learned the popular songs of the day and
corresponding dance to go with it, i.e., The Twist, Watusi, Mashed Potatoes, Monkey, etc.

We saw all the heart throbs that kept us enthralled every Saturday. Then in the 60's, we had Paul Revere and the Raiders, and I just cannot forget "The Beatles." We were all madly in love with them. There were the Monkees who also had a show everyday after school. I guess the Monkees and Paul Revere and the Raiders were the original MTV. They played and sang in different venues and there were girls in short skirts and White Go-Go Boots that danced different dances to go with the songs. All the girls just had to have some of those boots. I don't know who made them because we were not into labels back then. That came much later.

If you have thoughts about you in the 60's, comment and they will appear on this blog.

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