Monday, March 16, 2015

CHANGE! Here we go again. Take my TV!

When you become a true Boomer (That means retirement age), you are so tired of so many changes. This generation has seen more changes than any other generation ever. When I was born, no one in my family had a television. Televisions were very expensive and there was only one channel when someone finally bought one. People who lived out of cities could not even get a signal.

When we finally got a TV, we would watch every minute, right up to the presentation of the US Flag and the National Anthem at midnight. I loved Liberace and the Lone Ranger. Then there was Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Ed Sullivan, Perry Mason, and Password. For children, there was Bozo the Clown and Howdy Doody.

At my aunt's home in Louisiana, there was a built-in color TV and my cousin had a 10" screen TV in a huge cabinet. He would charge us to have Jiffy Pop popcorn. He was a real go-getter.

In the 60's our family bought a color TV. Now that was something, but the town we moved to didn't have a color station so we had to watch in black and white.

After getting married in 1967, we bought a TV, but not color, because they were too expensive. Then we moved to Okinowa and Armed Forces TV only ran 12 hours a day - Noon to Midnight. There were Japanese Channels but not understanding the language was a big deterrent. Although, my two-year old loved the Japanese children's shows.

We came back to the States and there were more channels in color and so many programs to watch.

Then came cable with all the new stations and an extra charge every month for TV. Before that, all you had to have was an antenna on top of the house or "rabbit ears" on top of the TV.

Now we have all our services combined: Cable, Internet, Cell Phones
All that costs enough that I could be driving a much newer car if I didn't have that bill.

Things will be changing soon. All I want is Internet: no house phone, no cable. I wonder how much Verizon is going to increase the cost of Internet? I do want to keep my cell phone, but I think it is ridiculous to get a new phone every 2 years. I just got it paid for and they want to charge me for another one.

Some things have gotten better, some have not. People are texting while driving, making it worse than drunk driving in some cases. At least the drunks are not out looking to hit others. People texting are not paying any attention to what they are doing. It is more important that they answer that text than worry whether they kill or maim a stranger.

Did you know that we are one of the greatest generations. We have seen so many changes to our world. As we move into our "Golden Years", we need to let others know about what is really important. We need to share our faith in God, our hopes for the future for our children, and you cannot ever be happy unless you love and are loved. Think about it!

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