Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, etc.

I watched The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. I just heard that the LA Times said his show lacked energy. Are they nuts? I am old enough to remember The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The show was funny, but not overdone. I really loved the show and I think Jimmy Fallon could be there longer than Jay Leno, definitely longer than Conan O'Brien. Who knows, maybe longer than Johnny Carson. Jimmy Fallon has so much energy and talent, I don't see how he could possibly fail. Go - Jimmy - Go!

Well, it is another day and I am still upset about email. Why do my friends and some people that I don't know from Adam think that I would be interested in their silly story, joke, or picture. Why would I want them to forward prayers, jokes, etc? Do I really want to be on a prayer list with people that would do that.

Since I retired, I am heavily invested in Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Pinterest, Empire Avenue, and LinkedIn. I have an outreach of over 3M people. I receive 200-300 emails a day. I am trying desperately to separate them into folders. Where do I put the junk mail? Should I hire someone to sort my email? 

Anyone who has been on the Internet as long as I have, has loads of followers. Please do not waste their time with junk mail (spam). Not to mention, it takes more and more resources to just get email through servers. That is why it seems so slow sometimes.

Why does water taste better out of a bottle? I am not a big fan anyway, but I can stand it very cold (filtered) from a bottle. I seem to drink a lot more that way.  

I found this infographic on the web somewhere and thought you all might be interested. Remember when we used to drink water from the hose in the yard during the summer. It tasted great then. But now they tell you not to drink through the hose. I still do occasionally in the hot summer. 

We used to do a lot of things that are considered wrong today. Like riding our bicycles without a helmet, going to the movies by ourselves. I took my granddaughter and her friends to the movie and my daughter and I sat in the back. A man came in and sat directly in front of them when the theater was virtually empty. I went down and checked to see if they needed anything. Soon, he pretended to have a phone call and left. Passed right by me. He came back in about 10 min later and sat in the same spot. I went down to see if they wanted more popcorn. Then he got another "call" and left for good. Don't you think it was strange for an older man to come into an almost empty theater and sit directly in front of three 11-year old girls? 

Remember the "good old days" but keep your eyes and ears open to these days, cause things are just not the same. There are a lot of good things going on, but there are so many bad things going on now. Don't be scared, just careful.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!