Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cutie Cat - Take a look at my Halloween Costume

My Halloween Costume
Cutie Cat!
 Halloween is very soon. My birthday is on October 1 and for some reason when I was at the grocery, I decided to get Halloween Candy. (Mostly Hershey's)

Then, when I got home, I thought "What a nut I am, Halloween isn't until the end of the month."

Now, the question is "what am I going to do with this much candy?"

How am I going to hide it from Ray (diabetic) and most especially me. I cleaned out the cabinet and hid it on the bottom shelf behind the crackers.

I thought about putting it into the freezer, but that is full of ice cream bars, frozen pieces of cake, frozen cookies, etc.

I don't know why I play these games with myself, but I do. My first husband would tell me how great I looked and would bring home a box of chocolates. How is that for support? I am being critical, I hope you know it.

Ray brought home some amazing Chocolate Caramel Popsicle's the other night. It was almost a sin to even look at the box. We both had one. There were three in the box and he bought 2 boxes.  When we got through eating them, he said that he had to tighten up on his diet because the won't let him have surgery until he gets his sugar down. So, that means that I have 4 Chocolate Caramel Popsicle's to get rid of. I wonder how I am going to do that.

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